Welcome to the official wiki for the BHS Algebra 1 Grading Policy Pilot.
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Hey guys!

Take a moment to view the pages listed in the column on the left. Feel free to follow along as an intrepid gr9781416605904_75713_m.jpgoup of teachers tries to help build a grading policy for their high school campus.

Using information from Robert Marzano's Classroom Assessment & Grading that Work, these brave teachers will attempt to build a standards based grading policy that works for our campus


This is not a NEW GRADING POLICY. It is an attempt to come into compliance with the current grading policy ratified by the BISD School Board. The addition of alternative assessments each six weeks is new in this context, but certainly not new to teachers in the BISD who have offered projects and product-based assessment to their students. The concepts covered in this grading policy compliance pilot are covered in the book listed below.

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